Hiking Shirts


Hiking shirts

A good hiking shirt is important if you’re going for a long hike. Besides movement freedom, staying dry and warm is very important. Hiking shirts are available in different kinds and sizes. The shirts can be worn with long sleeves. If it gets hotter, you can easily roll the sleeves. At sportshop.com, you’ll find hiking shirts from brands like Columbia and Fjällräven.

Hiking t-shirts

There are a lot of different hiking shirts. Make sure to choose a shirt without cotton, because cotton dries slowly and becomes heavy quickly. Instead, choose a hiking shirt made of synthetic material. The shirt will be lightweight and dry quickly. The shirts by Columbia and Fjällräven are made of synthetic material, which is nice to hike in. Also, make sure that the shirt has the right fit. A shirt that’s too bug doesn’t hike pleasantly but a too small or short one doesn’t either. A tip if you’re going for a long hike, put an extra shirt in your bag. You’ll be able to switch shirts halfway and go back on the road all fresh and clean.

Hiking socks

Besides a well-fitting shirt, it’s important to wear good socks as well. Good hiking socks don’t contain cotton, are seamless and have a nice fit. At Sportshop.com, you’ll find different brands of hiking socks like Falke. There’s often a difference between men and women socks. This comes mainly from the size. Men socks are a bit wider compared to women socks.