Hiking Polo Shirts


Hiking polo shirts

It’s nice to wear a high-quality hiking polo shirt when going for a hike. The polo shirts are made of fast drying material which moves along nicely while walking. Sportshop.com offers, besides hiking shirts, a large collection of hiking polo shirts from brands like Fjällräven and Columbia. The polo shirts are, just like the regular shirts, made of functional material. If the shirt gets wet, it will be dry shortly after. It doesn’t scrub while wet and doesn’t get heavier, just like cotton. The polo shirts have a nice fit in which you can move freely.

Hiking polo shirts men

It’s important for a polo shirt to be comfortable. The polo shirts by Fjällräven and Columbia have a nice fit and are available in multiple kinds and sizes. At Sportshop.com, you’ll find a wide range of hiking polo shirts. There are even hiking polo shirts that protect you against the sun with a build-in UV-protection.

Hiking polo shirts women

Hiking polo shirts are often, just like hiking shirts, made of polyester material. Mostly, there’s no cotton processed in them. Cotton does absorb moisture well, but stays wet longer and gets heavy. Shirts made of polyester material are fast drying and absorb the moisture well. No more excuses to go for a hike in the rain.

Print hiking polo shirts

Do you want to personalize your hiking polo shirt? That’s no problem at Sportshop.com. Almost all hiking polo shirts can be printed. Do you want more information? Please contact us. This is possible via the contact form or via +31(0)416-652803.