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Hiking pants

Looking for hiking pants, you’re on the right track at Sportshop.com. Hiking pants are available in different sorts and sizes. The most important part of hiking pants is the fast-drying material. If you get caught by an unexpected rain shower, your pants will be dry in no time. This prevents scrubbing and the pants will feel less heavy.

Zip-off Pants

Not sure if you need a long or short pants? A zip-off pants while hiking is the perfect solution. Take off with a long pants in the morning and if it gets hotter during the day, just zip off the legs.

Hiking pants women

There are many different pants available for women. From brands like Fjällräven and Columbia there’s definitely a pants available to hike nicely. There are pants with zip-off legs, pants with stretch fabric or a tight with lots of movement freedom.

Hiking pants men

Looking for the right pants? At Sportshop.com, there are plenty of pants available for every hike. The big advantage of the pants by Fjällräven is that these are custom feasible. You’ll always have the wished-for length.