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Protect yourself against the sun with Summer Accessories

It’s very important to go well prepared on the road, especially during the summer. During hikes in the bright sun, you’re in imminent danger. Think of burning and dehydration. has a large assortment of summer accessories to prevent this.

Head covers are must-have summer accessories

To prevent burning, you could start with wearing a cap. A cap will keep a part of the sun out of your neck, but do not forget to use sunscreen to be sure. Besides, a cap will keep the sun out of your eyes as well. Most caps are also provided with ventilation openings, so you'll stay cool during the heat of the monment. You’ll prevent sudden blindness and accidentally tripping. The sunglasses from can help as well. Because the head cover products in our assortment come from brands like Nike, Asics and Newline, you’ll look nice as well!

Sunglasses with a special grip coating

Whether you prefer sunglasses in an outstanding or neutral color, you're at the right place with Goodr in both cases. The polarized UV400 glasses protect you against UV-A and UV-B radiation and slipping is prevented by the special grip coating.

Stay hydrated with one of our drinking systems

Besides burning, dehydration is a common problem as well, especially when a combination of these two leads to a sunstroke. You want to avoid this at all times! That’s why has drinking systems in the assortment. Now you’re always able to carry plenty of drinks with you. And this doesn’t have to be much of a load, by carrying your bottle in a hip bag or your water bag in your backpack. You’ll barely notice it, and you can even take other stuff with you.