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Hiking Poles


Hiking poles

Hiking poles or Nordic Walking poles make hiking a lot easier and simultaneously make it a hike for both your legs and arms. At, you’ll find Nordic Walking and trekking poles by Leki. Both kind of poles are super light and foldable. This makes it easy to take the poles wherever you like.

Trekking poles

Going for a hike in the mountain? Using a trekking pole might be smart. You’ll have a lot more grip and stability on unpaved hiking trails. While descending or even climbing, you’ll stand firmly and the chance to fall or to get injured will be reduced. The trekking poles by Leki are easy to take because they’re foldable and made of lightweight material like carbon and aluminum.

Nordic Walking poles

Nordic Walking still is popular. It’s more intense compared to a regular hike because you use your arms a lot more. Nordic Walking is comparable to langlaufen. With Nordic Walking, you need poles that are slightly different from trekking poles. Leki also has special Nordic Walking poles. The poles have a special handle with a glove stuck to it. You’ll easily detach the pole from the glove. The poles are, just like trekking poles, made of light material like carbon and aluminum. The poles are foldable and thus easy to take on a trip.