Joggy Hiking Accessories


Hiking Accessories

Going for a long walk? Then you probably need some gear to take with you. has a large assortment of accessories by different top brands to make you hike a lot more fun. Think of backpacks by FjallRaven or Deuter, hipbags by Deuter or Flipbelt, sports nutrition by PowerBar or SIS.


Going for late night hikes? Make sure that you’re safely on the road. has a wide choice of lighting and safety articles. Think of reflection vests or arm lights. You’ll be visible and safe during your hike.

Hiking Poles

Going for a brisk walk? Take some hiking poles with you. The pole will decrease the load on your joints. At you’ll find the best hiking poles from brands like Leki.


If you’re going for a long hike, a backpack is a must. Because you do want to take some stuff with you. Make sure that the backpack isn’t only worn on the shoulders, but on the hips as well. A good ventilation for the backpack is also important. The bags contain compartments for hiking poles, a laptop or a water bag. At, you’ll find backpacks from brands like FjallRaven and Deuter. They meet the demands and do look nice.