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Hiking Backpacks by Deuter, Fjällräven and Ultimate Direction

If you’re going for a long hike, it’s nice to be able to take stuff with you. A hiking backpack is the ideal solution. Hiking back packs are available in various sorts and sizes. At, you’ll find a large assortment of hiking back packs from brands like Deuter, FjallRaven and Ultimate Direction. The backpacks are available in different sizes. There are smaller backpacks from 10, 15 or 18 liters for shorter hikes or bigger backpacks starting at 20 liters for a day trip. The bigger backpacks feature back ventilation so your back will stay dry longer during your hikes. Most hiking backpacks have multiple compartments to separate your stuff in the bag. There are lots of backpack with a drinking system or a compartment to store one. You can easily take a water bag with you. There are also hiking backpacks that are made dirt and water tight by using a rain cover.

Hiking hip bags

Prefer hiking with a hip bag instead of a backpack? You’re on the right track at We have different hip bags available, from hip bags for just a key and a phone to hip bags with place for over a liter of drinks. Think of brands like Deuter, Nike, Flipbelt and Nathan. The hip bags are available in different sizes and colors. There are hip bags with multiple compartments to separate your food from for instance your phone or a smaller hip bag if you only need a little bit of drinks and a key. The big advantage of a hip bag is that this one’s also usable during other sports like running, cycling and skiing.

Fill your hiking backpack at

After choosing one of our hiking backpacks, it might benefit you to take a look at our other assortment of hiking accessories . From water bottles to sun glasses and from hiking lighting to hiking poles, find everything at our web shop.