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Sports bras

For women, it´s important to use a good sports bra while sporting. A good bra offers enough support to the breasts so you´re able to sport comfortably. At, you´ll find a large assortment of sports bras in different colors and sizes. There´s definitely an ideal bra for you. Think of brands like PureLime, Brooks, Odlo or Hummel. The bras are made of nice feeling material, it won´t cause abrasions and still gives the right support.

Why a sports bra?

While sporting, your breasts move along. Your breasts don’t contain muscles, but consist out of fat tissue, connective tissue, moisture and glands. This is the reason why you can’t train your breasts, simply because there aren’t any muscles in them. While sporting, there aren’t any muscles to absorb the movement either. Depending on the size and weight of the breast, a lot of pressure and pulling force will occur on the skin and underlying tissue during walk and sprint movement. Only the skin and some deeper lying stretchable structure keep the breasts at their place.

On the longer term, the skin and the tissue underneath will stretch, making the breasts hang down. When this happens, it can’t be fixed. The jumping movement of your breasts can lead to over loading the neck and back as well, because they get under pressure. By wearing a sports bras, the movement of the breasts reduce with a stunning 75%.