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Lightning and safety

If you’re going for a hike in the dark, or on a wintery day, make sure that you’re visible. Be safe on the road. At, we have a large assortment of lightning and safety from brands like Craft, FlipBelt, Joggy, Nathan, Tunturi and Wowow. This ensures a good visibility for other road users.

Hiking lamps

By wearing a lamp around your arm, you’re extra visible while in traffic. We have various lamps in our assortment with a durability up to 72 hours. It could also be nice for yourself when you’re hiking on a dark road for better sight. Lamps by Million Mile Light even work on movement in stead of batteries. This way you never have to worry about an empty battery.

Reflective vest and reflective straps around your arm

Instead of lamps, you can wear reflection during your hikes. Think of a vest or band worn around the wrist or ankle. The vests are very light so they won’t obstruct you while hiking. You’ll be visible for the other road users for sure. There are reflective vests available with a built-in lamp. These increase your visibility even more. Most lamps are water resistant, so a little bit of rain is no longer an excuse.

Focus on your trekking with a head lamp

Got a challenging trekking in Europe, Asia or South-America on the agenda? In that case, there's a big chance that you have to get out of bed in the middle of the night to reach the top of a mountain or vulcan. Your hiking socks are already waiting in your hiking back pack, but did you also consider the fact that it's still dark outside? With a head lamp you'll hike with plenty of sight, so you all you have to do is focus on the paths. The head lamps are adjustable and are known for their excellent light power.