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Hiking shirts made of quick-drying and breathable material

Hiking shirts form the basis of your hiking outfit and must therefore be very comfortable and pleasant. If you get hot during your hike, your moisture must be properly wicked away. And if you have walked a day and covered many kilometers, then you naturally want the hiking shirt to dry quickly. The hiking shirts of Odlo, Fjällräven and Columbia are made of the finest materials, prevent irriations and still have a perfect fit after many washes.

Choose multiple hiking shirts and bring one extra

If you go out for a whole day and the temperatures rise, or if you take an active hike through the mountains or on a volcano, then you know better than anyone that you will get pretty hot. That is why it is wise to order an extra hiking shirt immediately, which you then take with you in your hiking backpack. When you have reached the top of the mountain or a resting point for lunch, let your wet shirt dry for a bit.

Combine the shirts with matching undergarments

After you have made a choice for one of our hiking shirts, it is certainly good to take a look at the other hiking clothing. Defy heavy rainfall with a waterproof hiking jacket, complete a summer hike outfit with hiking shorts or opt for a warmer layer in the form of hiking pants and cardigans. Whatever day of the year you are going to hike, thanks to our versatile clothing collection you are prepared for any type of weather conditions.

Women's hiking shirts and men's hiking shirts

You have a choice of different women's hiking shirts and men's hiking shirts. Choose a colorful variant or a nice basic color that you can endlessly vary in your outfit. The shirts allow your skin to breathe, prevent unpleasant odors and can be perfectly combined with hiking socks and hiking shoes.