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Meindl hiking shoes with an anatomical footbed

With Meindl hiking shoes you always go active and sporty on the road. One of the characteristics of the hiking shoes is the broad last. Why does Meindl make a broad last? Simply because they think that a narrow last gives too little comfort. It often happens that people with a slightly wider foot also immediately choose a larger shoe size, but it is much more important that the shoe has to fit like a glove and that you can walk your track without difficulty. The Meindl shoes have an anatomic footbed, which gives your feet extra comfort, but also that they keep breathing.

Meindl men's hiking shoes, women's hiking shoes and kids hiking shoes

Our collection of Meindl hiking shoes is almost unmissable! Are you looking for Meindl men's hiking shoes, women's hiking shoes or kids hiking shoes for your son or daughter? Then you've come to the right place. Many shoe models use the GORE-TEX® membrane, which means that your hiking shoes are waterproof. That's great, because that way you know for sure that your hiking socks will stay comfortable.

Handmade Meindl hiking shoes

The German brand Meindl has been making hiking shoes for more than 300 years. And you may not believe it, but all shoes are still made by hand just like in the old days. The key indicators of this famous German hiking brand are quality and durability. Without these two important indicators, no pair of Meindl hiking or mountain boots will leave the factory.

Shoes from category A, category A / B and category B

You can filter the Meindl hiking shoes by category A, category A/B or category B. This way you can easily and quickly find the right shoes for your type of hike. For a stroll in the park or a hike on flat paths, hiking shoes from category A are very useful. Hiking shoes from category A/B are suitable for hilly landscapes and category B is ideal if you are going to climb heavier mountain paths.