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Defy the cold temperatures with winter accessories

Even in the winter you like to go on the road. Whether it's a hike through snowy mountains during your skiing trip or during the colder periods in your own country, you'll always be prepared with our witner accessories. With them, you'll never be cold during on of your hikes again. At, we have a large assortment of winter accessories like gloves and hats from brands like Columbia, Asics and Nike.

Winter accessories like hiking gloves

Do you often suffer from cold hands during your hike? Wearing a thin glove might be the solution. The gloves keep the wind outside and make sure you’ll stay warm. Thanks to the light material and the soft fabric, the gloves are very nice to wear during a hike. Most gloves are available in different size, so there’s a glove for every hiker. There are even gloves available with a small key compartment in the palm, or reflective material for improved visibility in the dark.

Hats and head bands

During the cold, it’s nice to protect your head against it. At, you’ll find a large assortment of hats and head bands. They’re made of light material. The moisture is drained, which makes sure that you won’t cool too much if you start sweating. The hats and head bands are available in different sizes and colors.

Increase your visibility with WoWow

During a wintery hikes, chances are that the visibility on the road is gone. During a fog bank, in the twilight or in the dark, the lighting accessories by WoWow will come in handy. Choose from a reflective vest, put your smartphone in a reflective smartphone cases or go with LED lighting.