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The brand Columbia has been making the best hiking shoes, hiking clothing and accessories since 1983. If you’re talking about outdoor life and hiking, it’s almost logical to mention Columbia. In cooperation with the users and costumers, Columbia ensures a continuous improvement of products. Only this way they can keep responding to the best from the market.

Columbia hiking shoes

What we know about Columbia? Of course, the high-quality hiking shoes and mountain shoes. The shoes by Columbia are always provided with durable materials and a firm sole with lots of grip. Actually, Columbia has hiking shoes for types of weather and hiking conditions. On the road in the winter? It could be wise to buy real winter shoes. Do you know for sure that it’ll rain during your hike? Choose a water tight shoe and make sure that your feet will stay dry and comfortable.

Men and women hiking shoes

You’re definitely at the right place for new hiking shoes. Hiking shoes are available in all types and sizes, so it could be very hard to make the right decision. The shoe you choose depends mostly on how you want to use them. Do you need advice or do you want to fit first? Contact us or visit our running and hiking shop in Waalwijk.

Maintaining hiking shoes

Do you want to keep your hiking shoes nice and neatly? We have some handy maintenance tips:
- Always dry wet shoes. Put for instance a paper in them.
- Treat leather hiking shoes regularly with the right maintenance substance.
- Do you have a leather inner lining? Wipe them clean with a wet cloth once in a while. You’ll prevent salt formation.
- Drying shoes at the heater or a full sun isn’t a wise thing to do.