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Hiking rain clothing

No excuses to stay at home while it’s raining. With the right rain clothing from brands like Fjällräven and Columbia, you’ll stay dry during the hike. At, you’re at the right place for multiple jackets and pants suited for hiking in the rain.
Good rain clothing has a good breathing ability so the jacket won’t get wet in the inside. The jacket won’t feel cramped and will ventilate well.

Softshell jacket

A nice jacket to hike with is made of softshell. At, you’ll find various jackets from different brands. A softshell jacket has a nice breathing ability but isn’t watertight but water repellent. Besides, it’s made of fabric that moves along.


Are you well protected in terms of clothing? You could take a look at gaiters. These covers are worn around the legs and protect against moisture, mud, branches and wet grass. Ideal and very handy for a hike through the forest.