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Enjoy more comfort with hiking socks

In addition to good hiking shoes, good hiking socks are very important. A good hiking sock gives more comfort to the foot while walking and ensures that your feet do not blister so quickly. Moreover, these socks are very comfortable in a firm hiking shoe. Because every foot is different, you can choose from different hiking socks from brands such as Falke, Compressport and Herzog.

What to look for when looking for good hiking socks?

The big difference between normal socks and hiking socks is that hiking socks are designed to wick away perspiration. A good hiking sock is seamless and therefore contains no cotton. Your feet stay dry many times longer, so that blisters and skin irritations are prevented.

In addition, you also have to look closely at the fit. Many hiking socks have an anatomical fit, which means that there is a difference in the left sock and right sock and that the size for men differs from that of women.

Ankle socks, mid-high socks and high socks for men and women

There is a difference in fit between a men's and a women's hiking sock. For example, the men's socks are often wider than the women's hiking socks. In addition, you also choose from different models. Do you prefer to wear an ankle sock, a half-high sock or a high sock in your hiking shoes? Whatever your preference is, there is always a suitable variant to be found.

Choose from various handy hiking accessories

In addition to ordering your hiking clothes and hiking socks from us, you can also choose from a variety of handy hiking accessories. For example, choose a handy backpack if you go out for a day or several days, stay hydrated with a drinking system and make hiking easier with hiking sticks. What hiking accessories will come in handy during your trip?