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Compression socks restore your muscles faster

Walking puts a lot of strain on your calves and shins, for which compression socks offer a nice solution. The advantage of compression socks is that the calves and shins are less burdened because the sock fits tight around the leg. The shocks are well absorbed and therefore the risk of muscle pain is reduced. Furthermore, the compression socks remove the lactic acid in the legs from the leg faster and naturally. The recovery of the muscles in the leg is therefore better. At you can choose from compression socks from brands such as Herzog, Compressport and Newline.

Compression socks during your hike

If you are going for a long walk, muscle tissue will be broken down while you walk. This is a normal process but with great exertion the body cannot always restore it immediately. Think of a multi-day trek through mountain areas. Moisture develops in the leg. This means that the blood flow in the leg also decreases a bit. Which in turn means that the waste substances such as lactic acid also remain in the leg. The recovery is also less.

Your legs get tired less quickly

The compression socks ensure that the blood flow remains well, so that less fluid remains in the leg. This gives a faster recovery in the leg. The leg will also become less tired and you can get more out of every hike.

Combine the compression socks with good quality hiking shoes

If you go out for a walk regularly, then it will certainly do you good to look at high-quality hiking shoes and hiking accessories. Every step is cushioned to the maximum and the shoes also last a very long time. The hiking accessories are suitable for every season of the year and make your hiking outfit complete.