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First Aid

It could happen that you walk against a branch or you gain an abrasion. Or, like lots of people, you get blisters despite wearing good shoes. Luckily, at we also have solutions for these problems. Think of blister prevention band aids, Re-skin. Put a Re-Skin at the spot you’re getting blisters. The skin will break a lot slower. Still got a blister? Put a blister band aid on it. At, we offer blister band aids by Select. Easily gutting injured during hikes? Or do you suffer from weak ankles or knees? You could possibly work with tape like McDavid. The tape also works preventive. It’s always handy to take a small First Aid bag on a hike. You’ll always have band aids near when gaining on unexpected abrasion. At, we have a first aid bag by Select. Thanks to First Aids articles at, you’re always safe on the road.