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Herzog Ankle Compression Sock

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Herzog Ankle Compression Sock
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All about this product

All about the Herzog Ankle Compression Sock

The Herzog compression ankle socks make an important contribution to the prevention of irritation of the tendon plate under the foot and keep the arch of the foot tension. In addition, they are superior sport socks with an ergonomic left and right foot, knitted with antibacterial yarns with extra cushioning around the ball of the foot and under the heel bone to protect the fat layer below.

The ankle sock provides a firm compression on the arch of the foot and around the heel instep line. This extra compression is important to maintain the natural arch of the sole of the foot and to relieve the tendon plate, so that the arch of the foot will sag less.

Swollen feet
Many walkers, and to a lesser extent sometimes runners, know the
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Herzog Ankle Compression Sock
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