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Floorball Sticks


Floorball sticks

It sounds more than logical, of course, but without a floorball stick, it is impossible to play this beautiful game. It is important to choose the right floorball stick because without the right stick you can not get the best out of yourself. Each stick has different properties such as a varying length, shaft type, and size of the play sheet. But the material of which the stick is made is also very important. Our advice is to properly examine which stick you should have in order to choose the one and only perfect stick for you!

Salming Floorball sticks

Salming is one of the market leaders for both floorball shoes and floorball sticks. A stick from the Swedish brand will get you a lot of attention!

Body length
Length stick
Smaller than 1.30 70 cm
1.30-1.45 75 cm
1.45-1.55 80 cm
1.55-1.65 87 cm
1.65-1.75 92 cm
1.75-1.95 95 to 100 cm
bigger than 1.95 >100 cm

Floorball sticks SALE

Because of our large assortment we always have floorball sticks with extra discount. This can be due to a favorable purchase price or because it is an 'older' model. When you buy a floorball stick in the SALE, you save some money for an extra floorball sheet or a new pair of floorball shoes.