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Floorball shoes


Floorball Shoes

Floorball originates in the sixties and knows a few names. We know floorball as for instance Innebandy, Salibandy, Floorhockey and Unihockey. Countries where floorball is big and popular are Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic and Switzerland. In both Finland and Sweden it’s even possible to play Floorball on a professional level. When you’re playing such an active and above all fast sport, the right floorball shoes are very important. The shoes do not only need enough grip, but have to be very comfortable to your feet. During the training or match, you have to be able to focus on the game and have no distraction from things like floorball clothing or floorball shoes.

Floorball Shoes Men and Women

Shoes for floorball are of course available from multiple brands and in different sizes and models. We have the floorball shoes you’re looking for for both men and women. Looking for a pair of tight Asics, outstanding Salming or fashionable Nike shoes? Don’t stop and definitely look further! Floorball shoes for women often have a narrower last compared to the men’s versions. This is because women have narrower feet in most cases.

Salming floorball Shoes

Within floorball, Salming is a very big and well-known brand. Besides Salming floorball shoes, we offer Salming floorball sticks and Salming floorball clothing as well. If there’s something that stands out with Salming, it’s the color of the shoes. From bright red to fluorescent yellow and bright green to sharp orange. Popular Salming floorball models are, among others, the Salming Hawk, Salming Kobra and the Salming Viper. Do you have any questions about Salming models, or do you want to know more about other floorball shoes? Feel free to contact our customer service!