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Type of shoe
  1. Low-cut
  2. Mid-cut
  1. Links
  2. Rechts
  1. Back2School
  1. 70g
Racket weight
  1. Medium weight
  1. adidas T19
Type Sticktas
  1. 1-6 Sticks
  2. Single Stick
Type of Sweater
  1. Hoodie
Type of brace
  1. Ankle
  2. Knee
Typ Sleeve
  1. Short Sleeve
Type of sock
  1. Long sock
  2. Mid long sock
Packaging type
  1. Single (4)
Soort grip
  1. Ovaal
  2. Rond
Gewicht stick
  1. 171-220 g
  2. 221-250 g
  3. >251 g
Type of compression
  1. Arm compression


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