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Floorball Keeper Protection

Goalkeeper Protection

The floorball goalie has a risky task, which is stopping balls at high speed. Luckily, there’s enough goalkeeper protection that makes this task a bit easier. Our assortment contains multiple sorts of protection, think of gloves, knee protectors and elbow protectors.


Since a goalkeeper isn’t allowed to use a stick in goal, the hands are very important. That’s why, as a goalie, it’s handy to wear gloves during a match or training. The Gloves ensure a good grip on the ball, and offer protection to the hands as well. Our assortment contains gloves from, among others, Salming.

Knee Protectors

Given that a goalie often sits on his knees, it’s important to support the knees well. That’s what Knee Protectors are used for. The knee protectors in our assortment ensure a good protection, yet maintain an optimal movement freedom. We offer floorball knee protectors from the well-known brand Salming, and others.


A cup is an often unmissable protection. The cup ensures a good protection, which prevents nasty situations.

Elbow Protectors

Sometimes, you have to make a dive to save the ball. It’s very nice to wear elbow protection while doing so, so you can dive to the ground without suffering. The Elbow Protectors contain padding for optimal protection. Our assortment contains elbow protectors by Salming.