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Floorball keeper

One of the most important players during a game is 'the keeper.' He/she often sits on the knees all the way to guard the goal and ensures that as few goals as possible are scored. A very important task.


The life of a goalkeeper is not that easy, the ball sometimes rages with enormous speed across the field. So as a keeper it is very important to protect yourself against this. In our assortment, you will find different Protection as a goalkeeper helmet, gloves, kneepads, protection shorts etc. Through good protection, the keeper can continue to do his job without worrying.

Goalkeeper clothing

In addition to the protection, we also have a wide choice of goalkeeper shoes and Goalkeeper clothing. The goalkeeper clothing is available in different sizes and colors, so there is always a nice outfit to be found. We also have goalkeeper shoes from Salming, very nice to combine with the goalkeeper clothing!