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Wrist- and head bands


Floorball sweat and hair bands

When you exercise hard, you naturally sweat. But how nice is it if you do not have to bother with it? That's where our sweat and hairbands come into play! Thanks to an excellently absorbing fabric, your sweat will be gone in no-time.

Hair bands

A very unpleasant situation during exercise is hair in your eyes. It is irritating and you have a worse view of the game. Fortunately, there are hair bands for this. Hair bands ensure that your hair stays in shape, allowing you to continue undisturbed. In our range, we have hair bands from Salming.


Do you suffer from sweat drops on your head? Very annoying if they end up in your eyes. Use a headband for this. A headband keeps the sweat away from your eyes during exercise. The headbands are available in different colors


What is also useful during exercise are sweatbands. You will sweat while sporting, but how do you wipe it away? Sweatbands are very useful here, you put them on your wrist and can easily wipe away the sweat. In addition, the sweatbands are available in different colors so you can find a matching one for your outfit!