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Floorball underwear

It's important to keep your muscles warm while sporting, which makes thermo clothing and compression clothing very useful. This clothing is not only useful to keep your muscles warm. It also makes sure that your clothing won't feel wet if you're sweating. That's a nice feeling, isn't it!

Thermo shirts

In our shop, you'll find thermo shorts and thermo longsleeves. Both versions provide muscle warming, and keep your body dry. Thermo shirts/longsleeves are available in multiple brands and colors, so there's a fitting shirt for everyone.

Thermo shorts

Thermo shorts have the same function as other thermo clothing, and you can keep on playing floorball comfortably. Our assortment contains both long aqnd short thermo pants.

Arm sleeves

An arm sleeve has the function to keep the muscles in your arm warm by means of a better blood circulation. This enables you to perform optimally. Our shop contains arm sleeves from brands like Errea, MC David and Mikasa. The arm sleeves are available in multiple colors, so there's something for everyone.