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Floorball sweaters


Floorball sweaters

At, we offer Floorball sweaters for men and floorball sweaters for women. The sweaters have the ultimate wearing comfort through the use of fine fabrics. They are great to wear during a warming-up or on the colder days.

Floorball sweaters women

The ladies' sweaters have a great fit. In our shop, you will find sweaters in different sizes and colors, so that everyone can find a sweater according to his/her wish. The sweaters are very nice to combine with our training pants.

Floorball sweaters men

Especially for men, we have sweaters with a comfortable fit. We have sweaters from the famous brand Salming. For both men and women, we have sweaters in our range with and without a zipper. The sweaters are very easy to wear over your floorball shirt.