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Floorball Clothing


The newest floorball clothing

Our shop offers a large collection of Floorball clothing. The clothing is especially made to deliver the best performances. Our assortments contains, among others, floorball shirts, floorball shorts, floorball sweaters, floorball polo shirts, floorball compression clothing and sport bras.
What’s very important when looking for new sport clothing, is that the clothing fits perfectly to your body and playing style. If you’re not entirely sure what fits best, we’re ready to help!

Floorball Clothing Men

We offer both floorball clothing men and floorball clothing women. The floorball clothing for men has a nice fit and is made to sport comfortably. The clothing for men is available in multiple sizes and colors, so there’s an outfit for everyone.

Floorball Clothing Women

Thanks to the wide choice of colors and models, the floorball clothing for women is very well combinable. Besides, the clothing fits nicely to the body. We do not only offer shirts, shorts, sweaters and training jackets. Our assortment also contains sweat bands, socks and sport bras to finish your outfit completely.
Looking for floorball clothing? Just take a look!