Training bibs


Floorball training bibs

In our shop, you will find different types of floorball training bibs. The bibs are available in different colors and sizes so anyone can find something that he/she likes.

Bibs are good to use at several times. Imagine you are going to do a game during training, very nice! But how do you remember who is in your team, so you do not play to the wrong person? A bib is a perfect solution for this. Give one team the bibs and they immediately see who belongs to whom, useful for the players, but also for the trainer.

Floorball training vests during a competition

Also, training vests are certainly not superfluous to take to the floorball matches. It sometimes happens that you see at the place of destination that the counterparty is wearing the same color, and the ref is deciding that you need a different color. Now you can use the vests. Let your team wear the vests so that they can play the game without worries.

Start prepared for every training session

In addition to various training vests you also have a wide choice of training equipment, water bottles and bottle racks and floorball goals. Start prepared for every training and shop all your supplies in our webshop.