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Sports tape

Floorball tape

Muscle pain is always very annoying! But especially if you can no longer finish your training/competition. Using sports tape could help. Through the support, you could continue your game. That's what every player wants, right?

Tension is not only useful when stretching a muscle, even if you have just returned from an injury or suffer from a weak joint. In our assortment, you will find various tapes from Mc David, Select, and Tunturi.

Pre-cut tape

The pre-cut tape is very useful for people who do not know very well how to apply the tape. The shape has already been cut out in the right way, so you simply have to stick it to the preferred area, very simple! We have pre-cut tape for the ankle, thighs, back, shoulder and elbow.

Not pre-cut tape

We have various types of tape in our assortment that you can tear and apply yourself. This tape comes from different brands in different colors such as black, blue, pink, white.