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Grips & Tape


Grips & Tape

A good grip on your floorball stick is very important. With a better grip, you can shoot the ball harder and more accurate. In addition, you have a better chance of keeping the stick in your hands than without a grip.

Provide your stick with good tape so that you can continue to work out without any worries. In our assortment, you will find grips in different colors so you can choose a nice color that fits your stick.


After you have taped your stick, it is, of course, useful to know how to hold your stick in the best way.

  • Hold the stick with 2 hands
  • Hold one hand at the top of the stick, and one hand halfway down the stick (This is approximately where the stick-tape ends)
  • Which hand goes on top depends on your personal preference. Just try both options and choose which position feels more natural
  • Hold the stick between thumb and index finger, pointing the thumbs down
  • Let your fingers enclose the stick