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Floorball referee


Floorball Referee

If someone can not be missed during a floorball game, it’s the referee. The referee makes sure that there will be played sportively, and if not he has to punish it. That’s why it’s very important for a floorball referee to have all the necessities during a match. Our shop contains multiple products for referees.


To start with, a whistle is necessary to make yourself clear. When punishments are needed, are a goal is scored, this will be noted via the whistle. Our shop contains floorball referee whistles from Fox and Stanno. The whistles are available in different colors.


Sometimes, things go a little bit less sportively than they should during a game of floorball. To be able to punish correctly, a referee uses red cards.

Referee clothing

One last important part of a referee’s gear is floorball referee clothing. You have to stand out between the other players at all times. That’s why offers referee polo shirts, referee shirts, referee socks and referee shorts. The clothing is available in multiple colors and sizes.