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FatPipe Floorball blades


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  1. Brand: FatPipe

Floorball blades

Floorball blades are an important part of floorball sticks. In our webshop, you choose from different brands, but you also filter easily on the type of blade and the side of the body. Whether you choose a 'left' or 'right' sided blade depends on your personal preference and doesn't has to do whether you are right handed or left handed. The 'left' or 'right' in the product name tells you on which side of your body you can use the blade. If your right hand is lower on the stick, while handling it, you'll need a 'right' blade. If your left hand is lower on the stick you'll need a 'left' blade.

Optimum ball control and shot accuracy

You have the choice of different types of floorball blades, namely hard, medium and soft. Would you like more ball control? Then it is wise to opt for a soft blade. The ball bounces less hard against the blade and can be controlled faster.

Floorball blades from different brands

Exel, FatPipe, Salming, Unihoc, and Zone: these are certain brands that you are familiar with. You will find these brands and more in our extensive range. For questions about one of our floorball blades, our customer service is at your service.