First aid


First aid

Injuries are bound to happen in any type of sports, so also with floorball. A collision with the opponent, an annoying blister or a bruise. All the things that you do not want to experience during sports. Fortunately, it can be quickly remedied by applying the right first aid. In our shop, you will find First Aid products from b+d, Kempa, and Select.

Caretaker bags

With the caretaker bag, you immediately have all your first aid stuff at hand. In our assortment, you will find caretakers bags with and caretakers bags without content. The bags with content are useful for when you do not have so much first aid material at home. It is a bag full of the most important first aid articles. The bags without content are useful for if you already have a first aid kit at home but would like to be able to store everything together.

Other important articles

You can also find separate first aid items in our shop, think of: stretch tape, plasters, ice packs or blister plasters. They may be articles that you do not immediately think about, but they can certainly be important during or after a competition/training.