Floorball cooling

With any sports, accidents are bound to happen. You bump into the opponent, you fall hard on the ground etc. Cooling products are useful to have in order to relieve the pain. In our shop, you will find products from MC David, ICEPOWER and others!

Cold packs

Cold packs are very useful for injuries or swellings. In our assortment, you will find both normal cold packs and cold-hot packs. Cold-hot packs have the same function, but can also be heated. When it is heated, it gives a nice relaxation to the muscles.


In our assortment, we have different types of gells. Gells work against (long-term) pain, and are easy to lubricate. We have, among other things, gells from the well-known brand ICEPOWER. Do not you know exactly which gel is best for you? Feel free to contact us.