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Floorball accessories

Besides your clothing, shoes and sticks, there are lots of other floorball accessories that are essential in your standard equipment. Of course, you can't train or play a match without good floorball balls. Besides, an extensive colletion of floorball blades can't be missed. Also, do not forget to regularly change the grip tape of your floorball stick for an optimal grip of your stick.

Multiple floorball accessories, among which balls

A good ball for floorball is of course essential. That's why we have floorballs by Salming, Unihoc and FatPipe. The special floorball balls are made of a hard plastic and feature holes. There are basic floorball balls and balls suited for games. These floorballs are provided with dimples, which ensure that the ball keeps it track even better.

Floorball blades

The choice for a floorball blade is often very accurate. That's why we have a wide assortment of multiple floorball blades from brands like Zone, Unihoc, Exel, Salming and FatPipe. Floorball blades are available in a soft, medium and hard version. This is especially important with the ball control and shot power. The blades are available in multiple colors, to match them with the rest of your stick.

Floorball grip tapes

The grip tape on a floorball stick is very important for the grip you get while holding the stick. Most of the floorball sticks from brands like Salming, Unihoc, Zone and FatPipe are already provided with grip tape, however this grip can be easily replaced when it's worn down or when you're looking for an other grip.