Floorball Mouth Guards

Shocks are divided and absorbed with our floorball mouth guards. Besides, you can keep on breathing optimally and are assured of a perfect fit. Do you want to store your guard safe and clean? We advise to order a fitting storage box alongside your mouth guard on our webshop.

Floorball Mouth Guards in multiple tastes

Did you knew that you can choose between different tasted of floorball mouth guards at Whichever taste you choose, every version is provided with a soft and comfortable inside. Finish your protection and combine one of our mouth guards with for instance glasses or braces.

Also suited for athletes with dental braces

Optimal protection might be the most important when you’re wearing dental braces, That’s why we offer special Floorball mouth guards for athletes with dental braces. The mouth guard has a flexible outside and a hard inside. The reformable gel ensures a perfect fit, every training or match.