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  1. Type of brace: Wrist

Floorball braces and support

Do you want to play an important floorball match, but do you need braces or any other way of support? Or are you a trainer and do you want to be prepared for all possible risks? In both cases, you order the necessary equipment in our webshop. We offer a diverse range of products for both men and women.

Floorball braces and support in different versions

Are you looking for a brace, bandage or knee support? You can find these products and more in our range. With our products, you offer support to different parts of the body. Think of the upper legs, shoulders, and calves.

Protection against overloading of muscles, ligaments, and joints

Whatever the complaint, you want to play your floorball matches or follow training courses anyway. With our braces and other forms of support, you are assured of extra support during floorball. For questions about our range of braces and support, our customer service is happy to help.