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Powertraining is done with dumbbells and weight sets

Train your muscles effectively by using dumbbells and weight sets the right way. During every plank and row, squat and press or biceps curl, you have to continuously control the muscle and surrounding muscles you're training. Our webshop contains multiple kinds of dumbbells.

Train with dumbbells and weight sets with more weight

To see a fast and good result, it's useful to execute less repetitions with more weight. But what kind of weight do you need? for men, you should start with weights between 5 and 10 kg, for women we would recommend to sttart with 0,5 - 5 kg. Do you want to get multiple weights all at once? In that case, the dumbbell sets with multiple weights are a nice solution.

Progress by training with weight sets

Do you prefer to get multiple weights at once? In that case, the dumbbellsets with multiple weights are a nice solution. If you notice that certain exercises are done easier, you can easily add some weight from the set. You can choose from multiple sets with weights from 10 to 30 kg.

Find everything you need for power training here

Besides our wide choice for dumbbells and weight sets, we offer a lot more products for power training. Think of weight plates, barbells and . Do you have a question about one of our products or the use of it? Our sporty custoemr service would love to help.