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Weights and dumbbells

When you’re looking for dumbbells and weights for the best price, is the place to be. We offer a large assortment of weight plates, dumbbells and kettlebells. In the dumbbell and weight category, you’ll also find necessities like barbells and dumbbell racks which will definitely come in handy while training with heavy weights. Are you looking for a specific brand or weight? Use our filters on the left side. This way, you’ll easily find your favorite product.

Do I need heavy or light dumbbells and weights?

Depending on the training goals you've set for yourself, you choose between light or heavy dumbbells and weights. You'll maintain the length of your muscle and stimulate a good blood circulation by training with light weights. With heavy dumbbells and weights, you'll create more muscle mass and train your muscle growth.


The dumbbell is a very popular weight that is used with different sorts of weight training. The dumbbell is a combination of a short bar for one hand with a loose or fixed weight. We offer different dumbbell racks by Tunturi that can be used to store your dumbbells easy and clear.


The kettlebell owes its name to the weight’s unique shape, which looks like a cow bell. The simple shape makes the weight very versatile and extremely suited to train countless muscle groups. The kettlebell has a unique history as part of the training program of the Russian army. Nowadays, gyms over the entire world can’t be imagined without.

Weight vests and wrist-and ankle weights

Challenge yourself by combining condition, endurance and power by training with weight vests and wrist-and ankle weights. Even the most common movements become a real workout.