Fitness materials


Small Fitness

In the category ‘Small Fitness’ you’ll find an extensive collection of fitness products and training materials for yoga and Pilates, coordination training and power training. The products from the Small Fitness category are handy and small in size. This makes them ideal to use at home. You’ll see the products from this category outside as well. Are you recovering at the physio? You’ve definitely seen the balance board. Also for the popular training form CrossFit, you’ll find all the well-known products.

Yoga and Pilates

Especially for Yogis, we have an extensive assortment of yoga training mats, yoga balls, blocks and foam rollers.

Coordination Training

The products in the Coordination Training category are made to improve your coordination. The products come back a lot on the sport fields, physiotherapists and at various fitness forms.

Power training

The small fitness products like ab rollers, pull up bars and push up supports belong to power training. Strengthen your abs or train your chest muscles with these handy fitness products! has an assortment of small products from well-known brands like adidas, Bremshey, Flipbelt, Kettler, Nike, Pure2improve, Reebok, Trigger Point, Tunturi, Under Armour and XQ Max. Unable to find your favorite product, brand or color on our website? Contact our customer service via the contact form or call us at +31416-652803.