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Sports nutrition for achieving the best sports performance

To achieve the best sports performance, sports nutrition can be a nice addition to your diet. You feed your body with the right fuel, whether before, during or after your workout. You choose from a wide range of high-quality sports nutrition from Doubdle, PowerBar and SIS.

When do you need which sports nutrition?

If you want extra energy for sports, take a carbohydrate-rich energy bar. Do you want to keep your energy level up so that you can push back boundaries? Then take an energy drink before and during exercise! Do you ask for the maximum of your body and do your muscles have to recover from a heavy workout? Then mix one of the tasty protein powders with water and drink it from one of our bottles after training. Order the right sports nutrition at, your body will thank you.

Carbohydrates for more energy before and during your training

To provide your body with extra energy before and during exercise, it is important to provide your body with a healthy intake of carbohydrates. Your body gets these carbohydrates from different types of food and makes a reserve. When this reserve runs out, you feel tired and lack energy. To achieve maximum performance, it is important to feed your energy arc with the right sports nutrition. With our energy bars, energy drinks, powders and tablets for energy drinks you get the most out of your training!

Proteins for muscle recovery and muscle growth

You ask a lot of your body when you start working with dumbbells and weights. Muscles are burdened and must recover from a heavy workout. To restore and grow muscle, it is important that you get enough protein.

If you want to push boundaries and grow in your sports performance, you need about two grams of protein per kg of body weight every day. This can be incredibly difficult to get out of your daily diet. To help you in your development, you choose from special protein bars and protein powders that help you achieve your goal. The bars and powders are packed with protein-rich building blocks that promote muscle recovery and muscle growth.