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Training at home with exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are excellent for effective training at home. Do you like to exercise when it suits you and do you not want to be distracted by your environment? Then an exercise bike is a perfect fitness device for you. On an exercise bike you cover miles in your own familiar environment. Exercising on an exercise bike is a great workout that you can do at any time of the day.

Exercise bikes with an adjustable saddle and handlebar

Using an exercise bike is very easy, so that young and old can get along very well with the fitness device. The movement that you make is the same pedal movement that you make on your bicycle. Both the saddle and the handlebars are both height adjustable and the LCD monitor shows your training results. This way you know exactly how many calories you have burned, what the distance travelled is and what your heart rate is.

Clamp your tablet in the support of the home trainer

You may want to read a good book during your workout, watch your favourite series or a live broadcasted cycling race. In all cases you make your workout just a little more comfortable by clamping your tablet in the support of the home trainer. What do you prefer to use your tablet for during your training?

Choose from different exercise bikes, spinning bikes and recumbents

With us you choose from home trainers, spinning bikes and recumbent bikes from Tunturi in various price ranges. Start today with the comfort of home fitness and order your exercise bike at Sportshop! To be well prepared to start your training, it is certainly a good idea to order comfortable fitness clothing, a water bottle and a fitness towel.