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More support while executing asanas with yoga blocks

If you're noticing that you're not agile enough for a certain position, one of our yoga blocks might offer a nice solution. You can use the block in multiple ways and it offers you extra support while executing certain astanas. This way, you'll prevent injuries and you can choose from multiple sizes, colors and models by Tunturi and Pure2Improve.

For which asanas are yoga blocks suited?

Yoga blocks are excellently suited for multiple astanas. Think of the bridge, the half-moon position, the squat and the camel position. The foam blocks are washing machine proof in most cases, however it is recommended to read to washing prescription first. Using natural soap is recommended for all yoga blocks.

Make sure that you don't force exercises

Whether you're a beginner yogi or experienced, it's important in all cases that you don't force exercises. It's important to try what works best and that you can execute the astanas better by practicing. You can recognize the blocks by their smoothed corners, so there are no sharp corners and edges. If you're an experienced yogi, you can ose the block to make exercises tougher and heavier.

Combine the yoga blocks with yoga mats and balls

If you've made a choice from one of our yoga blocks, it might benefit you to take a look at our other assortment of yoga products. Combine the blocks with for instance yoga mats and balls and sport as comfortable as possible with nice fitness clothing.