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Train your abs, biceps and back muscles with pull up bars

Are you already known with pull up bars? Hang them between, for instance, your door post and train your abs, biceps and back muscles. The bars are called pull up bars and are excellently suited for multiple basic exercises. Because you're training with your own body weight, you don't need other fitness articles or weights.

Pull ups are done with a pull up bar

One of the best known exercises are the pull ups. With pull up bars, you can execute this exercise in multiple ways. The best known variant is with a vertical body, which lets your arms do the job. Do you want to increase the intensity of your workout? Use extra weight in the shape of a weight vest.

Train on an explosive level with ankle and wrist weights.

Is a weight vest not enough, and do you like to train even heavier? Our are the solution. With these, you'll train on an explosive level and you'll notice that pull ups above one of our pull up bars are heavier. That's because there's more weight to pull yourself up with.