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Cardio training

When you’re thinking fitness, you’re thinking cardio training. Cardio training is a collective name for all training forms at which you’re exerting at a low intensity for a longer duration. Think off walking, running, cycling and rowing. Cardio training has a low threshold and can be done at any moment of the day. Cardio training is fun and very good for your body. It reduces the risk of heart and vascular diseases. The low threshold and health benefits make cardio training the most popular and practiced form of fitness.


With a hometrainer you’ll be able to sport nicely with all the comforts of home training. You’re not depended on the weather and you’ll decide the duration and tempo yourself. Is cycling one of your favorite forms of cardio? Take a look at our hometrainers and recumbent bicycles. For every variant we have different bicycles in different price ranges available.


With a treadmill you’ll be able to walk at home, without experiencing an uneven surface, which is less loading for your body. Get a treadmill, your joints will thank you!

Crosstrainers & rowing machines

Crosstrainers and rowing machines are fitness machines that belong to the real full body workouts. Increase the resistance and improve not only your endurance, but also your muscle mass!

Sportshop offers multiple fitness machines that can be used to execute cardio training. The various functions and possibilities of the cardio devices can divert. Do you have questions about the functions are do you want to be advised about the cardio machines? Contact us!