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Train with maximum freedom of movement and choose for a workout with dumbbells

Whether you lie or stand on a fitness bench, with dumbbells you train with maximum freedom of movement. You easily apply different intensity techniques, you can perform an exercise with one arm or two arms and your muscles work harder. Stabilizing dumbbells is more difficult than when you train with a barbell.

Train where and when it suits you with your own set of dumbbells

With one of our dumbbells from Reebok, Tunturi, Victory Sports or XQ Max you train where and when it suits you. Whether you start or train for a while, due to the different weight classes, there is also more than enough choice for your level. If you purchase several dumbbells at the same time, it is certainly good to order the variants with a vinyl coating. This way you can easily distinguish all weights from each other.

What should you pay attention to when training with the weights?

You know which dumbbells you are going to order and you cannot wait to train. However, you want to prevent overloading and rather avoid the risk of injury. Start with a lighter weight, so that you can first focus on making the right move. Once you have mastered this, you can gradually build up the weight during a dumbbell chest press, dumbbell row, dumbbell curl or a triceps kickback.

Choose for maintenance-friendly weights with a vinyl coating

A big advantage of the dumbbells is that they take up relatively little space and are very maintenance-friendly. You can choose from round weights, with rounded corners or hex-shaped dumbbells. If you would like to alternate with additional exercises, please take a look at our range of fitness materials and strength equipment.