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Protection and Braces

Taking the right position while executing an exercise is very important for every athlete. By taking the right position, the muscles are loaded in the right way. Especially in the fitness sport, muscles are wrongly loaded due to forced movements. Throwing or lifting too heavy weights from the back are common causes of injuries.

Various braces and fitness belts from can help with keeping the muscles and joints in the right position to prevent injuries. Besides, we have different sleeves for the calves and arms which stimulate blood circulation. To promote recovery, Sportshop has multiple braces from well-known brands like MC David in the assortment. Have a look at the braces category for the wrist, back, ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder.

Do you have questions about a certain brace or are you doubting which brace suits you best? Contact our customer service. We’re always ready to answer your questions or give you some advice!