Brabo Indoor hockey sticks

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Indoor hockey sticks from adidas, Dita, Grays and Brabo

The indoor hockey sticks on this page are indispensable to be able to play indoor hockey properly. Just like with field hockey sticks, you can choose from different brands such as adidas, Dita, Grays and Brabo with the indoor hockey sticks. Even though the hockey sticks for outdoor and indoor are very similar, there is definitely a difference between them. The biggest difference noticeable when you have the stick in your hand is the thickness and weight. An indoor hockey stick is flatter and lighter, so that you as a player move much faster and better.

We make choosing indoor hockey sticks child's play

Are you looking for an indoor hockey stick for your son or daughter or for yourself? Whatever your wishes are, we are happy to help you choose the right model. Use the table below to determine the correct stick length:

Body length  Recommended stick length

108 - 115 cm

24 - 26
115 - 122 cm 27 - 28
122 - 127 cm 29
127 - 132 cm 30

132 - 137 cm

137 - 142 cm 32
142 - 147 cm 33
147 - 154 cm 34
154 - 162 cm 35

An indoor hockey stick with matching indoor hockey shoes

Finally! After a cold period you can go back into the sports hall. The right indoor hockey stick that is specially tailored to you is of course very important. But there's more! A different pair of shoes than your field hockey shoes is also a mandatory matter from many sports halls. Indoor shoes are therefore a must-have and that is why there is also a wide range of different types of shoes. One wants very flexible shoes, the other very stable, a little more protection or a little less? With us, you choose from a wide range of the largest indoor brands such as: adidas, ASICS, Nike, Hummel, Salming and many more!

What are the differences between indoor hockey and field hockey?

After the outdoor season you will of course continue with your favorite sport, but in the sports hall. Both contain the name hockey, but there are very big differences between hockey on the field or hockey in the sports hall. In indoor hockey, the ball may only be high on goal but nowhere else on the field, you can also use the beams that are on the sidelines in the sports hall and a hockey glove or indoor hockey glove is very important for safety during the game. You also need a different hockey stick and real indoor hockey shoes.