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Gryphon Field hockey sticks


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  1. Brand: Gryphon

Field hockey sticks from adidas, Brabo, Grays, The Indian Maharadja and Osaka

When the field hockey season arrives or is in full swing, the field hockey sticks come back into the picture. If your stick needs to be replaced, it is certainly good for you to compare the different models from adidas, Brabo, Grays, The Indian Maharadja and Osaka on this page. In our offer you can choose from wooden field hockey sticks and plastic field hockey sticks, both are suitable for (semi-) water-based pitches and synthetic turf pitches.

Do I need one of the wooden or plastic field hockey sticks?

Wooden field hockey sticks are known for being resilient and supple, giving you a good feel for the ball, but sacrificing some of the ball speed and power you give each ball. That is why wooden field hockey sticks are mainly designed for juniors to learn how to play hockey and you see these sticks more often on an indoor field. The plastic field hockey sticks are made of sturdy fiberglass and carbon and give extra power and impact force to every ball.

Finding the right hockey stick

The question now of course remains, what is the perfect hockey stick? We are happy to help you with that. It is important to ask yourself what kind of player you are. Are you a technical hockey player, a powerhouse, do you regularly do a drag flick or are you an all-round player? The table below shows the recommended stick length.

Body length  Recommended stick length

108 - 115 cm

24 - 26
115 - 122 cm 27 - 28
122 - 127 cm 29
127 - 132 cm 30

132 - 137 cm

137 - 142 cm 32
142 - 147 cm 33
147 - 154 cm 34
154 - 162 cm 35


Choose the right percentage of carbon in the hockey stick

For each model you can read what the percentage of carbon in the hockey stick is. This material determines how strong your hitting power will be and how much extra power you give to each ball. The higher the percentage, the higher the stiffness and the less your field hockey stick will bend. If you are a technical player who dribbles a lot, you want a manoeuvrable stick and a lower carbon percentage is recommended.

Note the curvature, indicated in millimeters

In addition to the carbon percentage, each stick also indicates the curvature of the field hockey stick. Most sticks have a curvature between 16 - 25 mm. If you choose a field hockey stick with a curve of, for example, 25 mm, you can give maximum speed to a drag flick or push. That is why most players start with a stick with a minimal curvature.