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Hockey shoes for the sports hall with sufficient grip

During the indoor season, hockey shoes are indispensable for the sports hall. If you play in the sports hall, you need shoes without studs. Indoor shoes must offer you sufficient grip and cushioning on hard and slippery surfaces. In addition, the indoor hockey shoes are designed in such a way that you are fast and agile, so you can easily participate in this explosive game.

Hockey shoes for the sports hall with good cushioning, grip, stability and strength

Indoor hockey is a fast and agile game and the right indoor hockey shoes are indispensable for this. So choose high-quality shoes and play on one of the models from adidas, ASICS, Reece or Dita. The indoor hockey shoes provide you with good cushioning, grip, stability and strength during sports. Have you ordered a pair? In that case, match your brand new indoor hockey shoes with a protective glove and your own hockey socks.

Replace your indoor hockey shoes on time

In addition to the right pair of hockey shoes, it is important to replace your shoes in time for the sports hall. Why? Both the cushioning and the stability decrease, which means you run the risk of nasty injuries. Because the durability differs per shoe, it is wise to look at the sole and the nose of the shoe. The shoe wears less quickly if the sole and nose are reinforced with rubber. You can play an average of one to two seasons with hockey shoes for the hall.

Combine the indoor hockey shoes with matching clothing and sticks would not be a real hockey specialist if we did not offer hockey clothing and hockey sticks in addition to hockey shoes. Of course we have hockey sticks for the indoor and outdoor use on the field. You choose from different sticks from Grays, Malik, TK, Voodoo, adidas and Brabo. You can also easily put together the perfect hockey outfit. We have hockey clothing in all shapes and sizes for men, women and kids.